Killing roads: 'Admiral Kuznetsov' bombing Russia, not Syria - Navalny

15:10 Nov. 29, 2016

'Admiral Kuznetsov' bombing Russia, not Syria - Navalny

Admiral Kuznetsov carrier seen in the Barents Sea, Russia (AP photo)

Russia has no money to get its roads repaired, but senselessly spends millions on Syria war

"Why are we meddling with Syrian affairs, if we have no money? The bunker fuel for "Admiral Kuznetsov" to make a race from Severomorsk to Syria and back again in the clouds of black smoke costs 128 million of roubles (USD 2 million)," the Russian opposition politician and leader of the Foundation for Fighting Corruption Alexei Navalny writes on his official website

When receiving complaints about the extremely poor condition of roads in Russian cities, local authorities reply in a simple way - we won't repair anything, there's no money, Navalny says on his video blog. 

"If we are so poor that we can't repair the holes in the road in the biggest cities, so maybe we should conduct a quieter combat operation, without those PR things like striking blows with expensive cruise missiles on kishlaks and donkeys? There's only a military point in this, the only aim here is to demonstrate the military might. To break the monotony, it would be great to demonstrate the might with getting roads in Voronezh city repaired," he wrote. 

Referring to "bombing Voronezh", Alexei Navalny points to a popular Russian internet meme, meaning a senseless aggressive countermeasure more painful for those who apply them than for their targets, e.g. "If NATO invades Syria, Putin will react by bombing the Voronezh city."

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Without any ISIS terrorists, up to 30,000 people in Russia die in road accidents each year, and poor condition of pavement is among the main reasons, Navalny says.

"It's a simple fact that bad roads in Russia annually kill more people than the total number of terror attacks victims in the modern history of Russia. So a road hole in the cities of Voronezh, Rostov or Krasnodar are more dangerous than the ISIS, and needs more money to spend on," he notes

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