: 'An attempt to justify terrorism' - Russian Foreign Ministry on U.S. report

15:20 Apr. 15, 2016

'An attempt to justify terrorism' - Russian Foreign Ministry on U.S. report

People hold posters depicting Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko, during an interfaith prayer "For Ukraine, for peace, for Nadiya" in Kyiv, Ukraine, March 1, 2015 (AP photo)

Russian officials react to U.S. State Department's latest human rights report

U.S. calls to release military pilot Nadiya Savchenko and other Ukrainians unjustly imprisoned in Russia are nothing more than ‘an attempt to justify terrorism and killing of journalists.'

This is how Russia's Foreign Ministry reacted to the recent U.S. State Department's report on the global human rights situation, which listed the cases of Ukrainians in Russian detention on politically motivated charges.

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Konstantin Dolgov, Russian Foreign Ministry's Special Representative for Human Rights, called the annual report a "bossy" document riddled with ideological "cliches" and "anti-Russian stereotypes."
Calls to release Ukrainian citizens were dismissed as "absolutely unacceptable". Foreign Ministry representative added that the U.S. report is a "made-to-order" document.

"We can see completely custom-made formulations of statements here, especially when it goes about Russian occupation of Crimea, whereas the free expression of the will of peninsula residents is willfully ignored," the statement says.

Russian side "was also astonished" by the claims about thousands of killed and wounded in eastern Ukraine as a result of Russian aggression. In ministry's opinion, "humanitarian and human right catastrophe in Ukraine is a doing of Ukrainian authorities controlled by the United States".

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The report said Russia in 2015 "significantly and negatively" affected the human rights situation inside and outside its borders following its forceful annexation of Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula in 2014 and its backing of armed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Reporting by Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty, Ukrainska Pravda

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