History rewrited: Ancient Kyiv ruler's monument unveiled in Moscow

16:44 Nov. 4, 2016

Ancient Kyiv ruler's monument unveiled in Moscow

A new monument for Prince Volodymyr in Moscow (PHOTO: AP)

A Prince who died long before Russia was even founded is now considered an ancient Russian ruler by Kremlin

A monument devoted to Prince Volodymyr, an ancient ruler from Kyiv, was opened in Moscow on Friday, the UNIAN agency reports.  

The Russian president Vladimir Putin, PM Dmitry Medvedev and Orthodox patriarch Kirill attended the opening ceremony, along with other Russian senior governmental officials. 

The new statue in Moscow looks quite similar to the Prince Volodymyr monument in Kyiv, standing on the banks of the Dnieper river since the mid-19th century, the agency notes. 

Prince Volodymyr was the ruler of medieval Kyiv Princedom in 979-1015 A.D, long before the Moscow was even settled. In the history of ancient Kyivan Rus kingdom, he is considered one of the brightest figures and best known as the baptizer of the Eastern Slavs. It was he who introduced Christianity to ancient Kyiv, and the very first Kyivans were baptised in the Dnieper river around 988 A.D. 

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Despite the fact that modern Russian state has no direct historical connection to the kingdom of ancient Kyiv, Kremlin propaganda tends to monopolise the legacy of Ukraine's past as its own. 

"Today our duty is to withstand the modern challenges and threats altogether, relying on spiritual commandments and priceless traditions of unity and consent in moving forward, ensuring the continuity of our millennial history", Russian president Vladimir Putin claimed during the opening ceremony. 

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