: BBC: Europe 'to back' visa-free travel for Turkey

11:36 May. 3, 2016

BBC: Europe 'to back' visa-free travel for Turkey

Turkey-EU readmission agreement signing ceremony (Getty Images)

Visa liberalisation is part of migrant deal between Ankara and Brussels

The European Commission is expected to approve visa-free travel for Turkey. This decision is a part of the agreement between Ankara and Brussels on the migrant crisis. The proposal should be formally announced on Wednesday, May 4. This is reported by BBC quoting its E.U. sources.

"Turkey will get the green light over visas this week. But it will also be informed of the outstanding criteria it still needs to meet", BBC reports.

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Europe insists on the improvement of the human rights situation in the country. This includes the freedom of speech, the right for a fair trial and a better protection of the minorities.

"It is hard to see how Ankara could be meeting these conditions. But these are desperate times for the E.U. Europe is under huge public pressure to ease the migrant crisis", BBC Europe Editor Katya Adler writes in the article.

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Ankara and Brussels struck the migrant deal in March 2016. Under the terms of the agreement, Turkey accepts all illegal refugees from the E.U. Europe, in turn, admits one legal asylum seeker from Turkey for each one taken back.

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