: BBC: The increasing Euro-scepticism in Poland

14:37 May. 20, 2016

BBC: The increasing Euro-scepticism in Poland

Flag use during the demonstration in Poland. People gathered at the Main Square in Krakow to demonstrate against governmental surveillance on Internet. (Getty Images)

Former Polish President afraids that Brexit would bring about a disintegration of Europe

Perhaps it was the rain falling on the Polish spa city of Sopot, but the celebrations to mark Europe Day at the local university seemed subdued.

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Or perhaps it was the message that the students were hearing from the keynote speaker, Poland's former president Aleksander Kwasniewski. In 2004 he had led the country as it joined the European Union; a time of celebration and fireworks that I had been there to witness.

But the mood in Poland is different now and the former president's focus was on the challenges facing the EU. At the top of the list: a possible Brexit.

'It would be very dangerous,' he tells me afterwards, 'as there is already a complicated momentum in the world and I'm afraid that Brexit would bring about a disintegration of Europe.'

Polish politicians of all stripes seem nervous about Britain leaving the EU. Many speak darkly about it ending not just an era, but maybe the European Union itself; a club they fought so hard to join.

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There are fears of the practical consequences too.

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