News from Ukraine: Before his murder, Sheremet met Ukraine's ex-tax chief and Nemtsov's allies in Moscow

10:59 Jul. 26, 2016

Before his murder, Sheremet met Ukraine's ex-tax chief and Nemtsov's allies in Moscow

Funeral service to pay tribute to Pavlo Sheremet, who was killed in a car blast in Kyiv, on July 20, 2016 (UNIAN Photo)

Prominent Belarusian-Ukrainian journalist was killed in car bomb blast in central Kyiv on July 20

Three weeks before he was murdered, journalist Pavel Sheremet visited Moscow, where he met Ukraine's tax minister under Viktor *Yanukovych (Ukraine's ousted president) and allies of the slain Russian opposition leader Boris **Nemtsov.

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Ukraine's chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios told this during his interview with the Ukrainian TV 5 Channel. According to him, Sheremet could meet everyone who was close to Nemtsov.

Besides, he visited the office centre Moscow City where he talked with Ukraine's exiled ex-tax chief Olexander Klymenko. However, Pavlo Sheremet did not have any chance to tell more about this conversation.

"He visited the so-called office centre Moscow City which accommodates all Ukraine's 'exiled ex-ministers', who we must extradite and convict. And one of these exiles was former Tax Minister Klymenko. However, we could not make to discuss what Sheremet talked with him about", said the military prosecutor. According to Matios, Shetemet's visit to Russia's capital made him sad.

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"I do not want to resort to conspiracy, but when I met Sheremet last, we discussed a lot of things - he was always an optimist, with a radiant personality, yet he was sad when he described his stay in Moscow about three weeks ago".

Prominent Belarusian-Ukrainian journalist Pavlo Sheremet was killed in a car bomb blast in central Kyiv on July 20. The outspoken critic of leaders in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine died on his way to work. He was driving a car to host his morning radio show. The car belonged to his partner, Olena Prytula, the owner of the news site Ukrainska Pravda.

Police said an explosive device of 400-600 grams of TNT equivalent ripped the automobile apart, and was possibly detonated remotely. Ukrainian authorities vowed to find and bring the perpetrators to justice. The local investigators are already joined by their colleagues from FBI.

The investigators say, the murder might have been connected with his professional activities, personal motives, assassination attempt on Sheremet's partner Olena Prytula, or an intent to destabilize the situation in central Ukraine - the 'Russian trail'.

* Ukraine's former president Viktor Yanukovych fled Kyiv in February 2014 following mass protests against his decision to reject an E.U. Association Agreement and move the country towards Russia. The new Ukrainian government says Yanukovych and his associates stole tens of billions of dollars during his tenure. The top official of Yanukovych era is charged with embezzlement of state-owned assets and causing damage of some UAH 4 billion [USD 160 million] to Ukraine.

As of January 13, 2016, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was on the top of the list of the world's most corrupt persons according to Transparency International's Unmask the Corrupt campaign.

**Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was gunned down on February 27 in 2015, in Moscow's centre, near the Kremlin walls, as he walked home with his girlfriend from a restaurant. Nemtsov had been preparing a report to expose Russia's military invasion of eastern Ukraine at the time of his murder. Five Chechen men are charged with his murder, although critics say the accused have been framed. 

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