: BILD: Putin's shadow government for Donbas exposed

12:51 Mar. 30, 2016

BILD: Putin's shadow government for Donbas exposed

Bild Exclusive: Putin's shadow government for Donbass exposed (Bild Photo)

BILD has obtained a document containing the true plans by Russia for the occupied territory of the Donbass.

The records of the "Inter-ministerial Commission for the Provision of Humanitarian Aid for the affected Areas in the Southeast of the Regions of Donetsk and Luhansk" from 23rd October 2015 reveal what observers have long feared: The Russian government is steering all affairs of the "separatist areas"  in the east of Ukraine.

Russian ministries are responsible for Ukrainian politics

In this regard, the concrete plans extend far beyond "humanitarian issues". In six working groups, the subject areas of "Finance and tax law", "Defining wage policies as well as residential and public service matters", "Restoration of industry", "Trade with energy sources", "Establishment of a market for electricity" and "Transportation infrastructure" are being planned down to the last detail. The regions are consequently being treated as parts of Russia's sovereign territory.

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Experts to whom BILD showed the document saw practically no difference from commission records concerning the Russian state itself. Deputy leaders of five ministries of the Russian Federation head the relevant cross-departmental working groups; the secret service "FSB" has supervision over each working group.

Even four members of the Russian homeland (!) secret service "FSB" are named. Only the Commission Chairman and the Liaison Officer to the Government of Russia are above them in terms of hierarchy.

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Numerous other Russian authorities, such as the Federal Customs Office and the Anti-Monopoly Service attend the regular sessions of the Commission in the Russian Duma.

Explosive: As the sole Ukrainian, a representative of the Ukrainian energy giant "DTEK" owned by the oligarch Rinat Achmetov was present at the meeting in October last year, according to the record.

In contrast, absolutely no member of the so-called separatist governments of Luhansk and Donetsk was present at the session, the puppet politicians were only informed about the results of the meeting. Common practice, as was confirmed to BILD from expert circles.

Concrete tasks of the Russian ministries are for example the "an assessment of the effectiveness of the collection of taxes and dues by the tax authorities of the (Ukrainian) territories and the development of proposals for the improvement of their function and strengthening of the budget discipline".

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Another working group deals as an example with the "development of proposals for a further support of the restoration and maintenance of the public transport system in the territories for 2016". This includes the delivery of spare parts for "busses, trams and trains" as well as "proposals for the optimization of the transport logistic".

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In conclusion, the five involved Russian ministries address their respective genuine tasks with the remarkable anomaly of controlling the fate of Russian-ruled areas in eastern Ukraine. Full story

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