: 'Borders cannot be changed through military means in the 21st century' - Pyatt
Opinion19:17 Mar. 24, 2016

'Borders cannot be changed through military means in the 21st century' - Pyatt

Ukraine Today talks to the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine during the Hybrid Solutions for Security in the Black Sea Region Conference in Odesa  

Joining Ukraine Today at the Odesa Security Forum to discuss security threats Ukraine is currently facing is Mr. Geoffrey R. Pyatt, United States Ambassador to Ukraine.

Geoffrey R. Pyatt: "Nobody predicted the invasion and the attempted annexation of Crimea. And after that was done, I remember a lot of the experts saying that's gonna keep president Putin busy for another 20 years when in fact he just moved onto another stage the hybrid warfare in Donbas. So I think the message is that it's critically important that we stand together as an international community to make clear that it is not acceptable.  That this is a violation by Russia of principles of Euro-Atlantic security and an open challenge to the rules of the international system. And I think we, the United States have been very clear on that, Vice-President Biden, and I talked about Amb. Power's remarks in New York just last week. We cannot, we cannot lose our focus on the fundamental principle, the integrity of international borders.  Borders cannot be changed through military means in the twenty-first century" 

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