: Canada to support Ukraine in addressing Chornobyl disaster aftermath

20:27 Apr. 25, 2016

Canada to support Ukraine in addressing Chornobyl disaster aftermath

Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion discusses issues plaguing APEC member economies. (Getty Images)

Canada FM announces USD 3.6 mln contribution to assure ecological safety

Canadian Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion has announced Canada will continue to support international efforts dealing with the containment and safe storage of radioactive materials resulting from the 1986 accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. Canada's USD 3.6 mln allocation is part of an overall contribution of approximately USD 65 million by the G7 and the European Union to support the completion of a spent fuel storage facility.

"Nuclear safety requires the global community to work together," Dion said. "On the 30th anniversary of the tragic accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, Canada remains committed to ensuring that the site is contained, stable and environmentally safe."

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The Minister made the announcement ahead of the 30th anniversary of the April 26, 1986 accident and as international donors meet in Kyiv to discuss the work to safely and securely store spent nuclear fuel. This work is nearing completion but could face delays owing to a shortage of funding.

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which manages this project on behalf of international donors, has advised that additional funding of EUR 105 million is required.

Canada has provided approximately USD 117 million to the Nuclear Safety Account and the Chornobyl Shelter Fund, managed by the EBRD.

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