: Chechen special forces conduct drills close to North Pole

18:28 May. 4, 2016

Chechen special forces conduct drills close to North Pole

Reconnaissance unit members of the Northern Fleet's Arctic mechanised infantry brigade conduct military exercises (Getty Images)

Kadyrov's aide leads "Flying Squad" drills in Arctic

A combat group of the Chechen special forces "Flying Squad" recently conducted military drills in Arctic.

According to the Interior Ministry of Russia's Republic of Chechnya, around twenty soldiers take part in the exercises, which saw them parachute down from planes, hike for 80 miles in the snow and carry out live fire exercises to destroy enemy command posts.

The drills were lead by aide to the Chechen Republic's forces and Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov, Daniil Martynov.

"The Chechen Republic and the special forces of the Chechen Republic make up a reliable, powerful shield for the southern borders of our motherland... Today we're in the Arctic, tomorrow we're going to the desert. The day after tomorrow we're going to the mountains. We can carry out any order of any difficulty from our commander," said Martynov outside a tent at their Arctic encampment.

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The Ukraine crisis has triggered the worst stand-off between Russia and the West since the Cold War, with tensions particularly high in central-eastern Europe and the waters around the Nordic region where Moscow has stepped up military drills.

In March Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Navy's Northern Fleet to full combat readiness in exercises in Russia's Arctic North apparently aimed at dwarfing military drills in neighbouring Norway, a NATO member.

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Nordic nations have agreed to boost defense ties and work more closely with the Baltic states to counter what they see as a Russian threat. Moscow says its moves are a response to increased NATO activity in the region.

Reporting by Reuters

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