: Cities in occupied Donbas and Crimea lose their Soviet names

12:05 May. 12, 2016

Cities in occupied Donbas and Crimea lose their Soviet names

Ukraine dismantles a Lenin monument (UNIAN Photo)

More than one hundred cities and villages renamed by Ukrainian Parliament

Around one hundred cities and villages in occupied Crimea and parts of Donbas lost their names, assigned to them by the Soviet Union. Ukrainian Parliament renamed them in accordance with the decommunization process, started in the country after the events of the Maidan revolution.

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Thus, Ukraine changed names of 61 villages and 12 cities in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Additionally, 74 villages and 1 city was renamed in Russian-occupied Crimea.

Ukrainian lawmakers reported, the decision would come into force the day after it was published.

Ukraine approved the law on the decommunization of the country in May, 2015. The country's deputies ordered to rename more than 160 cities and villages. Additionally, Ukrainian Ministry of Culture gave way to demolish about 800 Soviet monuments.

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The toppled statues of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin were greeted as a symbol of Ukraine's push to break from its communist past.

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