: Connecting sanctions to Minsk deal is absurd - Russian official

13:22 May. 27, 2016

Connecting sanctions to Minsk deal is absurd - Russian official

The Kremlin (UNIAN photo)

Moscow refuses to acknowlegde its responsibility for Minsk agreements

Russia says, the G7's conditions to lift sanctions from Moscow are absurd. The world leaders have connected the economic restrictions to the full implementation of the Minsk deal. The Kremlin, in turn, refuses to acknowledge its responsibility for the agreements.

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"The situation is paradoxical. It's mostly absurd, because G7 claims Russia's implementation of the Minsk deal is the only condition to cancel the sanctions", Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov said, according to RFE/RL.

The West claimed, Moscow must fully withdraw its troops from eastern Ukraine in accordance with Minsk. Ryabkov called these claims "unreal, because there were no Russian soldiers in Donbas."

"They also say Ukraine must restore its control of the border. But according to Minsk it's the final stage of the implementation of the agreements. This means, the G7 is ignoring the obvious facts, because Ukraine is the one who doesn't abide by the Minsk deal", Ryabkov said.

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Earlier G7 members supported the sanctions against Russia during the summit in Japan. They also threatened to tighten the restrictions if needed. Their joint statement was uploaded online on May 27.

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