: 'Corruption and stalled reforms' - mass media reacts to Ukrainian PM's resignation

16:00 Apr. 11, 2016

'Corruption and stalled reforms' - mass media reacts to Ukrainian PM's resignation

Arseniy Yatsenyuk resigned from his post of Prime Minister of Ukraine (UNIAN Photo)

World politicians share their thoughts on Arseniy Yatsneyuk's decision to leave office

Arseniy Yatsenyuk resigned from his post of Prime Minister of Ukraine.

He announced his decision in his regular "10 minutes with the PM" TV program on April 10.

"I have decided to resign. On Tuesday, April 12 my request will be submitted to the Parliament", said Yatsenyuk in his speech to Ukrainians

Yatsenyuk's leave was not left unnoticed by the world's mass media.

"Ukraine's embattled Prime Minister resigns as patience wears out". The article with this title appeared on the Washington Post's website"Yatsenyuk's opponents are accusing him of bowing to corrupt interests, including oligarchs close to the pre-revolutionary government. The public's patience has grown thin with Yatsenyuk, as well as Poroshenko, because of a struggling economy, stalled reforms and entrenched corruption", Washington Post correspondent Andrew Roth wrote in his article.

The corruption issue is a common factor mentioned in the articles about Yatsenyuk. The British public broadcaster BBC says Ukrainian Prime Minister's resignation "comes as no surprise".

"Mr. Yatsenyuk came to power promising to tackle corruption and implement economic reforms but has increasingly become the focus of accusations of corruption, even though no concrete evidence was produced", according to the article on BBC.com 

Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, in turn, states "Yatsenyuk's Cabinet of Ministers has caused Ukraine's western backers to lose faith in the government. The PM's ratings have plunged to single digits. The Ukrainian government has failed to battle endemic corruption, cronyism, and powerful oligarchs", claims DW.

The United States has already issued a statement regarging the resignation of Ukraine's Prime Minister. The American TV channel CNN quotes the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden who had a conversation with Yatsenyuk on Sunday, April 10. "Biden thanked the Prime Minister's government for difficult but necessary economic reforms, the signature of the European Union association agreement, and the work it has done to increase energy independence"

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius has also commented on Yatsenyuk's resignation. Linkevičius says the resignation was expected, but Ukraine needs to continue reforms. "The situation is difficult, the war is going on, no time should be wasted on local conflicts and arguments", said Linkevičius in an interview with the BNS news agency.

Yatsenyuk's potential successors are already known to the public. Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, the biggest fraction in Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament] has offered the head of the Parliament Volodymyr Hroysman as the new Prime Minister. Current Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko is also seen as a potential replacement for Yatsenyuk.

Poroshenko himself expects the new coalition will be created on April 12, and it will put forward a nomination for a Prime Minister's post shortly after.


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