Alleged terror attack: Crimea incident yet another Kremlin-manufactured provocation, Ukraine says

09:50 Aug. 11, 2016

Crimea incident yet another Kremlin-manufactured provocation, Ukraine says

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kyiv, Ukraine (UNIAN Photo)

Official statement issued by Ukrainian Foreign Ministry condemns Russian allegations about 'terrorist attacks' on occupied peninsula

Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry has issued an official statement, condemning Russia's claims that Kyiv tried to organize terrorist attacks in Crimea. In the statement, the Ministry says it rejects all accusations and calls them 'completely groundless'. 

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'Under a made up pretext, the Kremlin is undertaking another hybrid special operation with the aim to justify its future aggressive actions against Ukraine. The occupying power does not limit itself to daily shellings in Donbas but also uses staged sabotage acts in Crimea in an attempt to shift responsibility for its own destructive actions on Ukraine and on our partners.', the message reads. 

Kyiv says, Russia itself has been numerously accused of having a hand in terror acts in Ukraine, namely, the shootdown of the Flight MH17, shellings of Mariupol, Kramatorsk, and Volnovakha. 

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'It should be recalled that since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine in February 2014 thousands lost their lives – both Ukrainians and foreign nationals - as a result of terrorist acts carried out with financial, material and technical support of the aggressor state', the statement reads. 

Kyiv calls on the international community to prevent 'a new round of Russian aggression against Ukraine' as well as possible disruption of the Minsk process. 

The latter is probable after President Putin's statement that 'terror act in Crimea is a reason to cancel the ‘Normandy format' meeting in China'.

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