: Decentralization in Ukraine may take years - European Commission

15:43 Jun. 22, 2016

Decentralization in Ukraine may take years - European Commission

Decentralization in Ukraine may take years - European Commission

E.U. to provide EUR 97 million aid to implement decentralization reform

The European Commission's Support Group for Ukraine, which helps implement the Association Agreement agenda, provides advice, expertise and financial assistance to the Ukrainian government.

The European Commission developed the three-year decentralization plan for Ukraine.

Support Group head Peter Wagner sounds optimistic about the progress Kyiv made to implement reforms. However, he is sure the project won't be accomplished before the deadline, Ukrinform news agency reports.

"If we look how it works in other countries, for example in Germany - some decentralization aspects are still happening,10-15 years (after they were implemented) . It is very important to understand how the system should be revised and adjusted, this is a dynamic process", Wagner explained


Peter Wagner, Head of Support Group for Ukraine at European Commission (UNIAN Photo)

The initiative called 'Support to Capacity Building' focuses on reporting at a regional level. Kyiv already granted some power and responsibilities to regions, but still allocates financial resources, according to the European official.

"Our decentralization project seeks to establish administrative centres – one stop shops – where people can go and easily get any administrative service they want. However, the communal infrastructure stands behind it", Peter Wagner said.

In late April 2016, Peter Wagner, Support Group head, and Hennadiy Zubko, Ukraine's Vice-Prime-Minister for Regional Development, Construction and Housing, signed an agreement in Kyiv – U-LEAD - which provides EUR 97 million to Ukraine for its decentralization needs. 

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