: Defining moment for NATO
Politics09:40 Jul. 8, 2016

Defining moment for NATO

Promising NATO summit in Warsaw starts today and will decide Alliance's strategy regarding numerous world crises 

The 27th NATO summit has started in Polish capital Warsaw today, July 8. It arrives at the times when the world security is torn apart by numerous military and sociopolitical crises.

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The Warsaw Summit comes at a defining moment for the security of the North Atlantic Alliance, says the message on the official website of the Alliance. The session will expectedly decide the strategy of all 28 NATO states regarding these challenges.

The list of the issues is quite long. Starting with Russia's proxy war in Donbas and annexation of Crimea, the tensions in the Baltic and the Black Sea, ISIL attacks and refugee crisis as well as nuclear and ballistic threats from North Korea.

16:30 Erdogan insists on support for Ukraine, condemns oppression of Crimean Tatars

Poroshenko and Erdogan agreed to further coordinate actions in the sphere of regional security and intensification of economic cooperation between the two states Full story

15:21 Federica Mogherini will coordinate the implementation of the freshly signed declaration

14:45 EU-NATO joint declaration signed "in light of the common challenges". Full story

14:00 Obama speaks at NATO summit in Warsaw, Poland, says US "horrified" over Dallas shootings

President Barack Obama said Friday that America is "horrified" by what appears to be a planned sniper shooting targeting police officers in Dallas, and he said there is no justification for the violence, Associated Press reports. 

Obama spoke from Warsaw, Poland, where he is meeting with NATO and European Union leaders. Obama arrived early Friday shortly before snipers opened fire on police officers, killing five officers and injuring six others during protests over two recent fatal police shootings of black men.

13:20 "Russia's aggression against Ukraine threatens our vision of a Europe that is whole," US President Obama writes in his article for the Financial Times.

12:51 Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko arrives in Warsaw

12:10 Obama: NATO must make 'concrete' commitments to face challenges

U.S. President Barack Obama urged NATO to make strong, specific commitments to meet challenges from Islamic State (IS) extremists, Russia, Britain's "Brexit" vote to leave the European Union, and conflicts that have prompted millions of people to seek refuge in Europe Full story


11:30 NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said the Alliance is boosting its presence on Europe's eastern borders "in response to what Russia did in Ukraine."

Speaking to journalists, he said Russia has shown it is "willing to use force against sovereign nations in Europe," and denounced Moscow's "illegal" annexation of Crimea, RFE/RL reports 

NATO's response, he said, is "defensive, proportionate, and fully in line with our international commitments."

11:15 Canada deploys troops, fighters and a frigate to protect the Baltic states Full story

11:00 In his opening speech at Warsaw Summit Experts' Forum NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the Alliance will take decisions to further strengthen its collective defence and deterrence:

"Today, we will agree to enhance our forward presence in the east of the Alliance. In Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and here in Poland. We will deploy, by rotation, a robust, multinational battalion in each of the countries. Making clear that an attack against one Ally will be met by forces from across the Alliance."

Read the full speech here


The two-day summit will also feature several sessions between Ukraine and NATO. President Poroshenko is expected to attend this meeting, following yesterday's visit of the U.S. State Secretary John Kerry.

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Poroshenko announced the coordination of military and financial aid for Kyiv from NATO as well as well as further discussions on steps towards the resolution of Ukrainian crisis in the country's east.

Ukraine has high hopes regarding the summit as the implementation of the Minsk agreement has been moving at a snail's pace. 

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