: Deputy Prosecutor General's dismissal was not confirmed by Ukraine's President

14:22 Mar. 30, 2016

Deputy Prosecutor General's dismissal was not confirmed by Ukraine's President

David Sakvarelidze (UNIAN Photo)

Poroshenko will discuss Sakvarelidze's reinstatement in office with a new Prosecutor General

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko will discuss with a new Prosecutor General a possibility to reinstate Deputy Prosecutor General David Sakvarelidze, who was fired on March 29.

Sakvarelidze made this statement, following his meeting with the Ukrainian leader, according to the Ukrainian news outlet 'Novoye Vremya'.

"President said that nothing would affect our relationship and he did not approve my dismissal. The president also stated that he will talk with a new General Prosecutor regarding our team's reinstatement in office", Sakvarelidze said.

Sakvarelidze does not plan to apply for the Prosecutor General's post. "I am not aspiring for this position, I said that several times before, and he (Poroshenko) knows that I am not a candidate for this role."

David Sakvarelidze was fired for "grave violation of prosecutorial ethics." This is according to a statement posted on the website of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine.

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General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired Sakvarelidze just two hours before his own resignation was approved by the Parliament on March 29. Shokin was dismissed following months of criticism for not being able or not willing to fight the corruption in the country, as well as in his very own agency.

Ukraine's Deputy Prosecutor General Yuriy Sevruk was appointed the acting Prosecutor General.





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