: Donald Trump has yet to figure out a policy on Ukraine

18:58 May. 30, 2016

Donald Trump has yet to figure out a policy on Ukraine

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters and bikers at a Rolling Thunder rally at the National Mall in Washington, May 29, 2016 (AP Photo)

The Republican U.S. presidential candidate's adviser says U.S.-Russia relations are in limbo because of 'incidents inside Ukraine'

The United States Republican Party's presidential candidate Donald Trump has no policy regarding Ukraine and Russian aggression against that country. Trump's adviser on foreign policy Walid Phares shared during an interview with Deutsche Welle.

"He did not yet develop policies on the Ukraine conflict. In his speeches, he said that the relationship between Russia and NATO has turned into a crisis since the invasion of Crimea and the incidents inside Ukraine. But he did not yet develop a policy. But I presume, and I am going beyond what he said, the next phase in the relationship with Russia, now that this has been done, should also cover a solution to the crisis in Ukraine, and a durable one. How that can happen I don't know because he has not yet covered that case", Phares stated.

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Walid Phares also commented about Trump's position on the role of Germany when it comes to a solution to the crisis in Ukraine. Specifically, Phares explained Donald Trumps statement "why Germany isn't dealing with NATO on Ukraine"

"Mr. Trump made those statements. He will certainly be updated. He is moving from the primaries to the national election and he already got his first briefing from the government national security agency. And after the convention, he will have more than one briefing on these issues. In terms of what was the unseen or invisible role of Germany with regard to Russia he will be updated by the agencies of the government", Phares emphasized.

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