Prisoners exchange: Donbas militants demand 700 criminals to be released - Gerashchenko

19:06 Nov. 23, 2016

Donbas militants demand 700 criminals to be released - Gerashchenko

Verhovna Rada deputy speaker Iryna Herashenko (UNIAN photo)

700 convicts for 57 Ukrainians, an exchange proposed by the Donbas militants 

The Russian-backed militants extended its list of detained persons that they demand to be released to an approximate number of 700, Ukraine's representative to the Trilateral contact group in Minsk Iryna Herashenko claimed on Wednesday. 

"The Ukrainian side had made a certain proposal to release several severely ill and aged persons, particularly I. Kozlovsky, a religious studies scholar and a historian, who's health had deteriorated significantly," Herashenko wrote on her Facebook page.

Despite of this, the separative militant representatives rejected this proposal, she added, so there's no compromise on exchanging 57 Ukrainian prisoners and hostages.

The total number of people that militants want to be released increases after each Minsk meeting, Herashenko says, noting that the list also includes grave offence convicts, murderers and those who are not connected to the Donbas conflict, but convicted of terror attacks in Odesa and Kharkiv. 

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Meanwhile, another Ukrainian national was arrested in Russia and then transferred to the Donbas militants, she also wrote on her page. 

"We received the information that the Russian Federation had unreasonably arrested a Ukrainian citizen named Mykolaiv and handed him over to the militant-controlled territory. Moreover, Ukraine's national was transferred to the militants through the uncontrolled border, which is classed as unlawful human trafficking, an international humanitarian law violation." Herashenko noted. 

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