: Dutch PM: It may take months to find solution to Ukraine-E.U. Association Agreement

10:21 Apr. 9, 2016

Dutch PM: It may take months to find solution to Ukraine-E.U. Association Agreement

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte casts his vote in a non-binding referendum on the E.U.-Ukraine Association Agreement in the Hague, Netherlands, April 6, 2016. (AP Photo)

Dutch voters rejected EU-Ukraine association by a 62-38 margin

It will probably take several months to reach the decision on further steps regarding the Ukraine-E.U. Association Agreement after a 'no'-vote in the Dutch referendum, according to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, De Telegraaf reported from Rutte's weekly press conference.

"It is quite a challenge to meet the feelings of the no-voters," said the prime minister, according to the report.

"This is a complex process with multiple players. This situation causes us headache, because we stepped into the unknown territory. There are many options. And, perhaps, it will take a few months before there is a solution," said Rutte.

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Next week the prime minister is to hold talks with the House on the referendum's outcome.

The outcome of the Dutch referendum held April 6 saw 61.1% of votes cast against the Ukraine-E.U. Association Agreement, with a 32.2% turnout.

The Dutch government said in a statement that it intended to seek compromise on the issue of the Ukraine-E.U. deal, admitting that the process might take time.

Reporting by UNIAN.


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