EU-Ukraine association: Dutch PM ‘pessimistic' about Ukraine-EU association

10:13 Oct. 21, 2016

Dutch PM ‘pessimistic' about Ukraine-EU association

Dutch PM Mark Rutte (GettyImages Photo)

The Netherlands have only until November 1 to find a solution

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says he doesn't feel optimistic regarding the ratification of the EU-Ukraine association agreement, after the majority of the nation voted against it during the April referendum.

This is according to the Ukrainian office of RFE/RL.

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Months later, the government still cannot figure out how to approach the issue without angering its citizens or undermining the joint policy of the European Union.

‘Brussels, Ukraine and the Netherlands need to come to an agreement, which will also take into account the choice of the Dutch voters', Rutte said at the EU summit on October 20, when European leaders asked him to work out a political compromise on the issue.

The Prime Minister said he didn't see any solution so far, that would satisfy all the sides, even though the negotiations between Ukraine, the Netherlands and the EU would go on.

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President Poroshenko, in turn, said he believed the Dutch government would find a way out.

‘If the ratification fails, it'll create a very dangerous precedent. But we trust the Dutch people, we trust the Netherlands and we are absolutely sure everything is going to be all right', Poroshenko said during his visit to the country on October 20.

Dutch officials have only until November 1 to find a solution. 

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