: DW: Russia's love for damn lies and statistics

12:04 May. 15, 2016

DW: Russia's love for damn lies and statistics

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulates the staff of the Sochi state radio and TV company as the VGTRK state-owned media celebrates its 25th anniversary, in Sochi, Russia, May 13, 2016. (AP Photo)

Opinion polls can make or break a government but in Russia they are used very differently - as part of a strategy to manufacture consensus

The headline on Russia's Sputnik news website states that "One Third of Europeans and Americans Consider Crimea Part of Russia." The finding comes from a poll commissioned by the Kremlin-owned news agency asking residents in several European countries and the US on who they thought the peninsula belonged to.

Around 1,000 were questioned in each country and the results showed that 26 percent of US and French residents thought Crimea was now Russian territory while 32 percent of Dutch, 33 percent of Brits, 37 percent of Germans and 39 percent of Italians agreed.

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