E-declaration implementation: E-declaration Denied Security Issuance

14:17 Aug. 17, 2016

E-declaration Denied Security Issuance

(UNIAN Photo)

E-declaration system fails to operate

The State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine refuses to issue a security certificate to the new electronic income declaration system. The authority said that the system's developers haven't thoroughly debugged the system, making it difficult to meet government requirements concerning security.

As of August 16, less than 30 e-declarations were filed, mostly by middle class civil servicemen from different regions. The public officials did not tend to mention anything aside from their wages.

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The UN Development Program in Ukraine now wants the Ukrainian authorities to clearly state the technical problems assumed to be found in the e-declaration system.

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The online asset-declaring system was launched on Monday, August 15. However, it did not receive the security clearance needed from the State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine. This means that all information on the website is unprotected and thus cannot be accepted as valid evidence by court. Protected data is supposed to become one of the main tools to end corruption.

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