Corruption fight in Ukraine: E-declaration website already hacked

19:49 Aug. 19, 2016

E-declaration website already hacked

(UNIAN Photo)

MPs Ivan Vinnyk and Anton Gerashchenko claim "their hackers" managed to place a fake declaration

The fake e-declaraion belongs to a member of Anti-Corruption Agency Ruslan Ryaboshapka. The document states that he received UAH 25 million in cash from "Neyakisny rozrobnyk" LLC (Deficient developer)

MPs state that the attack shows the system is not protected.

Just hours before the attack National Anti-Corruption Agency implied new online declaring rules. The Agency decided to abandon bank account identification. That was the only identification type, mentioned in the Statement of Work for creating the online declaration system. Now an official must obtain a personal electronic key.




When creating the system, developers have chosen to use the BankID, because the government thought it could not provide the needed quantity of electronic keys. At least a million of people may ask for electronic identification in 2017.

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In addition, the Agency has found a way to legalize already filled e-declarations. Those who already declared their income must check the data until September 7. 

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