Bring them on: E-declarations 'allow to legalize looted assets' - Nayyem

13:54 Nov. 10, 2016

E-declarations 'allow to legalize looted assets' - Nayyem

Asset declaration (UNIAN photo)

100 top Ukrainian officials must be carefully inspected, says Mustafa Nayyem 

Present filing of e-declaration opens the way for legalisation of looted assets, so total inspection of principal officials of Ukraine must be conducted to match the lawfulness of disparity between their incomes, expenses and properties, a Ukrainian parliamentarian and Interior Ministry official Mustafa Nayyem writes on his Facebook page. 

"One of the reasons the changes don't come easily is the absence of persistence and consistency. As early as the week ago the society was shocked with e-declarations, bad taste and the outrageous disparity between the country's poverty and the statesmen's wealth. Only several days passed, and instead of examining the lawfulness of the statesmen properties, we witness constatation of a just another absurd. 

As far as I understand, examining the state officials e-declarations is being conducted by the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine on the basis of formal features. For instance, this means when a person candidly lied, having not submitted his personal assets or real estate in his property in his e-declaration. This means when an official plundered, benefited unlawfully and now decided to admit this openly in his e-declaration, he is formally out of questions. Per se, if the process is stopped at this point, the society will witness amnesty and legalisation of the loot. And that's what it all comes to. 

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To prevent this, we decided to help the Bureau and give it an official argument to start examinations. We consider the formal approach upon outraging disparity of state officials' incomes, expenses and properties as unacceptable and intolerable. Simultaneously we stand against the selective inspection by family names, party affiliation and so on. 

Thus we approach the Bureau with the demand to initiate inspections of the legality of origins for declared assets of officials having the biggest influence on state decisions withing their authorities, as well as on forging and realisation of the state policies. 

Among them there are the Verkhovna Rada and parliamentary commissions seniors, the whole Cabinet, the principals of the Antimonopoly committee, the State-held Property Fund, the National Bank, The State Fiscal Service, The Accounting Service, The Central Electoral Commission, The National Council on radio and television broadcasting, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Justice Council, The Supreme Qualification Judges Council, The Supreme Court of Ukraine, as well as the prosecutor general and the National Security Council Secretary. 

The total number of officials eligible for public inspections is 100," the parliamentarian wrote. 

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