: EU imposes sanctions against two Russians

16:31 Aug. 9, 2016

EU imposes sanctions against two Russians

EU imposes sanctions against two Russians

Both men are suspected of having links with the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda

The European Union introduced sanctions against two Russian citizens who are suspected of terrorism.

This follows from the decision published by the EU Official Journal. The EU sanction list includes Aslan Byutukaev from Chechnya and Airat Vakhitov from Tatarstan.

They are suspected of having links with the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

In July, the United States imposed sanctions against these citizens, with their accounts being frozen in America.

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Recently, the US also imposed new sanctions against some Russian companies.

Russian companies are suspected of supplying Iran, North Korea and Syria with banned technologies that can be used to produce mass destruction weapons and missile equipment.

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