: Eurosceptic British politician says Dutch 'No' would boost Brexit support
Politics13:32 Apr. 5, 2016

Eurosceptic British politician says Dutch 'No' would boost Brexit support

Nigel Farage visits the Netherlands before a referendum over a Ukraine trade agreement is held

The leader of Britain's UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage said on Monday that a Dutch vote against an EU treaty with Ukraine would give a boost to the Brexit camp.

The comments from the UKIP leader come less than three months from a British referendum on quitting the 28-nation bloc.

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On Wednesday voters in the Netherlands go to the polls in a referendum that is formally about the treaty, but that activists present as an opportunity to cast a vote against European integration.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said on a visit to the Netherlands that a Dutch 'No' would embolden British voters who believed they were alone in Europe in holding eurosceptic views.

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"I hope very much that you do the right thing in this country on Wednesday [day of Dutch referendum on Ukraine trade treaty], whatever that may be. And if you do, I tell you what, you'll give me a hell of a lot of assistance for June the 23rd when something epoch-shattering is going to happen. Thank you."

The Dutch vote was triggered after a satirical website collected enough signatures to call a referendum on the treaty, a broad trade, political and defence agreement which grants Ukraine access to EU markets in exchange for ramped up reform efforts in the country.

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Dutch politicians have warned that a rejection of the treaty would hand a symbolic victory to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been fueling a war in Ukraine since 2014 and is widely blamed in the Netherlands for the downing of flight MH17 and the loss of almost 200 Dutch lives.

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