Yasynuvata junction: Face-to-face with an enemy in a strategic military area of Donbas
Politics17:31 Nov. 22, 2016

Face-to-face with an enemy in a strategic military area of Donbas

Ex-combatant of Russian-backed separatist forces revealed info about their salaries and tactics

A militant arrested by Ukraine's Secret Service in Donetsk region confessed that Russian military deliver daily, up to 10 cargo rail carriages to Debaltsevo full of combat shells. That's 300 tons in total.

The Avdiivka industrial zone, a suburb of Donetsk, is an epicenter of shelling. Russian-backed separatist forces don't give up ideas to repel the strategic site. They fire from the Yasynuvata junction.

The elevated road between Avdiivka and Yasynuvata is almost like an Achilles heel for militants.

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"Slovyan", commander of a unit of 72nd brigade: Staying at this position, we have cut off the connection from Donetsk to Horlivka.

Beyond the elevated road, there is a highway to Yasynuvata, a major railway junction for separatists. Ammunition warehouses are restored there daily. Directly from the Russian military plants.

That junction is short a step away from the Ukrainian army barracks. However, the Minsk deal prevented Ukrainians from moving further and let militants settle there.

Every day, Russian-backed proxies try to push Ukrainian army as far back from the junction as possible.

Andriy Kyzylo, second commander of the battalion: We are confronted by the "Vostok" battalion .

"Vostok" spares no ammunition in the attacks, and their snipers targeted every possible loophole of Ukrainian positions.

As soon as the camera appeared in a gap, an enemy sniper opened fire... and wounded a soldier. Luckily, the wound wasn't too bad. 

About banned caliber weapons, Russian instructors and the price for betrayal, we learned from one who was fighting on the enemy's side of the Avdiivka industrial zone. Valentyn Hulak has been serving in the militant units "Oplot" and "Vostok" since 2014.

Valentyn Hulak, ex-militant: In "Oplot", the majority are Russians. Even the commanding officers are Russian.

He continues that it's hard to see Russians at the front because they are afraid of getting caught.

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The man was arrested on the Ukrainian front. As Ukraine's counter-intelligence says he participated in shelling Avdiivka from the side of Yasynuvata junction.

Valentyn Hulak: Firing for 10-20 minutes, and then leaving.

Valentyn Hulak: Militants' starting pay is from 15 thousand rubles".

And here is how the Avdiivka industrial zone divides, lives: those who defend their land will have a bright military career, the arrested militant - a life behind the bars.

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