News from Ukraine: Family members of killed Euromaidan victims demand justice and prompt trial
Politics18:02 Jul. 19, 2016

Family members of killed Euromaidan victims demand justice and prompt trial

Former special police unit ‘Berkut' members on trial in Kyiv 

A court hearing in the criminal case of the murder of Euromaidan protestors in central Kyiv on the 18-th through 20-th of February 2014 took place in Kyiv this week. The accused are 5 former special police unit - Berkut members, who are charged with the killing of several dozen protestors.

During the previous court hearing, which took place in May, the court ruled to request the Russian Ministry of Justice to provide former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych for questioning by video-conference from a Russian court.

Oleksiy Donskiy, State Prosecutor: "The court filed a request to the Russian ministry of justice via Ministry of justice of Ukraine. If they grant this request, then we will iron-out all the details on when and how this video-conference will take place."

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Between February 18-th and 20-th of 2014 more than 100 activists, who were protesting in central kyiv against the corrupt government were gunned down with sniper rifles and AK-47s. The criminal case into the murders has been opened immediately following the end of the Euromaidan and has been dragging for more than two years now. 

The families of the victims are still waiting for answers.

Svitlana Chaplinska, wife of akilled Euromaidan protestor: "It's very painful. This is a third year now. And every time I come here, especially when they show the video of the shooting of these guys, you know, my soul is crying. I had a very good family. Now only two children left."

Ever since the end of the Euromaidan revolution every prosecutor general vowed to bring the perpetrators of this horrific crime to justice, yet all of them have failed. A lot of people place high hopes on the new prosecutor general – Mr. Lutsenko. The time will show, whether he will be able to bring solace to the families of the victims.

This is Volodymyr Solohub and Dmytro Opanasenko reporting from Kyiv for Ukraine Today.


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