: Fashion Week in Tbilisi hits high notes with international audiences
Politics17:13 Apr. 1, 2016

Fashion Week in Tbilisi hits high notes with international audiences

Showcase now in its seventh year in former Soviet Republic

Models have been parading down the catwalks at Tbilisi Fashion Week. The showcase aims to promote Georgia's image to an international audience. Organisers say the event supports the development of the industry in Georgia, promotes new designers and increases export of Georgian fashion products.

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Tako Chkheidze, organiser: "I'm really happy that it is developing and I can say that Georgian fashion is really famous nowadays and I hope that everything will be fine and Georgian designers become more popular. We are doing everything by ourselves, we are supporting them, and thanks to the Georgian government for supporting us because this is really important for development, I mean tourism, development of the economy. This is very important, this event, for Tbilisi."

The city's fashion weeks feature mainly home grown design talent. But in recent year's their reach has grown as more and more international magazines and fashion buyers make the journey to the former Soviet republic.

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Tako Chkheidze, organiser: "When we started to do the Tbilisi fashion week it was six years ago and we had only three designers. And now we have sixty designers, so it means that it is developed already. And of course when we are inviting international press and buyers they becam e more popular because very famous magazines are publishing about designers and they are writing about the collections and buyers are ordering the collections. So I think that to participate in Tbilisi Fashion Week for designers is very important, but also it's very important to have a strong collection."

The general consenus from visitors on the event has been positive.

Yu Masui, writer and fashion journalist: "This is the very first time for me to travel to Georgia and Tbilisi and even fashion week, so exciting. All the shows and, it's really well organised. Beautiful venue, good music and actually the models are really nice. All the Georgian girls are really pretty."

The Georgian capital has been hosting spring and autumn fashion weeks since October 2009.

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