: First exit poll for Dutch referendum on Ukraine released

17:31 Apr. 6, 2016

First exit poll for Dutch referendum on Ukraine released

Flags of the Dutch EU presidency and campaign posters for Wednesday's non-binding referendum on the EU-Ukraine association agreement are seen in The Hague, Netherlands, April 6, 2016 (AP Photo)

59% of eligible Dutch voters in Tokyo support treaty while 41% were against: Diplomat

A Dutch diplomat in Japan has announced the first exit poll results of the referendum on the Ukraine-E.U. Association Agreement.

According to the envoy working at The Embassy of The Netherlands in Tokyo, 59% of respondents voted in favour of the treaty, while 41% voted against.

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The information was published on Twitter by envoy Marc Gerritsen on April 6. 

Opinion polls ahead of the ballot have varied, with no clear overall winner. Dutch news portal Nu.nl published the results of the survey on April 5, which showed 55% of people would vote against, whereas 33 percent would vote "Yes". Meanwhile, 12 percent of those surveyed remained undecided.

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"The voter turnout is expected to range from 25 percent to more than 40 percent. Only Dutch citizens, rather than others living in the E.U. and the Netherlands, are authorised to vote, " Nu.nl wrote.

However, the final outcome of the referendum will be announced in a week's time. The Dutch government will declare its position on Tuesday, April 12.



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