Four anti-Maidan activists sentenced to 5 years: First guilty verdicts for Kharkiv anti-Maidan protesters
Politics18:15 Oct. 18, 2016

First guilty verdicts for Kharkiv anti-Maidan protesters

Kharkiv court has handed out prison sentences to 4 people with 60 others still awaiting their verdicts

The first four prison sentences were passed to Kharkiv anti-Maidan activists, among them was Donbas warlord Arseny Pavlov, killed on October 16. Four people, who tried to seize the Kharkiv region administration building, were sentenced to 5 years in prison. Two of them with a suspended sentence of 3 years. Some other 60 anti-Maidan activists are still awaiting their court decisions.

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The arrested men participated in rallies in April 2014, which grew into mass unrests. Pro-Russian activists broke into and seized the Administration House. The trial on them has been in the process since 2014. They are accused of organizing public riots accompanied with violence, arson, destruction of property and seizure of buildings.

The verdict hasn't come into force yet, so the defendants will have time to appeal. But Kharkiv patriots say they have been waiting for this decision since summer 2014.

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