: #DUTCHINUA: 'As a member of the government, I'm hopeful about the outcome'
Opinion16:10 Mar. 17, 2016

#DUTCHINUA: 'As a member of the government, I'm hopeful about the outcome'

Foreign Affairs Minister of The Netherlands discusses the upcoming referendum

On April 6, the Netherlands will vote yes or no to a deeper cooperation between Ukraine and the EU.

The destiny of Europe's biggest nation is potentially in the hands of the citizens of the Netherlands. The future of nearly 46 million people now depends on whether the Dutch decide to support Ukraine's association with the European Union.  

This is exactly why, Ukraine Today with the cooperation of Euromaidan Press has launched #DUTCHINUA project.  Our goal is to gather the views and opinions of the Dutch businessmen and entrepreneurs who work in Ukraine.  As well as provide analysis by the experts from the Netherlands who can assess the influence of the referendum on the future of Ukraine and the E.U. as a whole.

Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister offers his take on the upcoming referendum in the Netherlands on the subject of the E.U. - Ukraine deal. Bert Koenders shares his thoughts with Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty's Rikard Jozwiak.

"I think the Dutch people are going to make up their mind. I think it is important that we have a possibility to work with Ukraine. I think we also have a great friendship with Ukraine. I know, Ukrainians wanted this association agreement and I know the Dutch people are worried about the instability on the eastern side of their borders so they have interest in working with Ukraine. So, I'm hopeful about the outcome as I see it as a member of the government because we support this association agreement, we have signed for it and therefore I am a proponent of it."

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