: Four people killed in clashes between Kurdish rebels and Turkish army
Politics17:53 Mar. 15, 2016

Four people killed in clashes between Kurdish rebels and Turkish army

Fresh wave of violence sparked by car bomb in Ankara which killed 37

A fresh wave of violence in Turkey has seen four killed in clashes between Kurdish insurgents and military forces in the southeast. Local authorities have declared a curfew as a result. This comes after 37 people died in a car bomb in Ankara on Sunday. In the wake of that attack, Turkey launched dozens of airstrikes on Kurdish rebels. Ankara says it destroyed at least two weapons depots.

No one has claimed responsibility for Sunday's bombing but the Prime Minister says evidence suggests it was "almost certainly" the work of the banned Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK. In the Turkish capital the mood is tense. Residents are worried further attacks are likely.

Kemal Kocarslan, Ankara resident: "I don't feel safe here. I can't. I travelled here with a minibus but I was afraid. I won't lie. I was nervous thinking whether there might be another blast."

Omer Gokhanli, Ankara resident: "Here we are again. This is the route I take every day. Of course, we are nervous. It seems Ankara is a target now and it seems these attacks will continue. So we are dubious. We are uneasy."

Since a two-and-a-half year ceasefire with the PKK collapsed in July, violence has spiraled in Turkey's predominantly Kurdish southeast. Attacks in Turkish cities over the last year have raised concerns among Ankara's NATO allies. They see Turkey's stability as vital to maintaining regional security, including in neighbouring Syria and Iraq.

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