Situation in occupied Donbas: "Freedom of speech" in militant-held Donetsk

14:33 Nov. 26, 2016

"Freedom of speech" in militant-held Donetsk

Russia’s top independent television channel Dozhd TV. Anchorwoman Maria Makeyeva during a live at the working studio in Moscow, Russia. Jan. 30, 2014. (AP Images)

The crew of Russian liberal TV Channel "Dozhd" let go after Russian-backed separatists detained them in Donetsk the day before

Correspondents of Russian liberal TV Channel "Dozhd" ("Rain" TV) who were detained by Donetsk militants on November 25, have been released today, according to Dozhd website.

Sergei Yerzhenkov and Vasiliy Polonsky have already been transported back to Russia and contacted by their editorial board of the channel.

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Representatives of the so-called "Ministry of state security" of the "DPR" (so-called "Donetsk People's Republic") arrested the journalists on November 25 for allegedly missing accreditation from the local "authorities".

"Fake personal information" provided while filing for an accreditation was the main reason for their arrest, as the correspondents were told by the "DPR" militants.

The so-called "Ministry" released a message stating the detainment of the TV crew and transporting them to the "ministry's" premises.

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"While looking through video recordings, representatives of the ministry figured out that those materials are of a speculative and provocative nature. They depict the wrong picture about the social, economic and political situation in the republic", the statement of the so-called "Donetsk State Security Ministry" reads.

The TV channel reported that their crew had been accredited to work in Donetsk from the Security Service of Ukraine, as well as from the "Ministry of Information of DPR".  


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