Mouth for war: Gears of war: How Kremlin enpowers its armed forces

14:56 Nov. 28, 2016

Gears of war: How Kremlin enpowers its armed forces

Two Russian T-14 Armata tanks make their way to Red Square during a rehearsal for the Victory Day military parade in Moscow (AP photo)

Ukrainian hackers snatched Russia's defence contracts papers. Here what the documents say on how Kremlin modernizes its army

Ukrainian hactivists have successfully hacked Russia's ministry of defence databases of contractual orders, the InformNapalm project reports

The leaked documents contain information on Russian defence government contracts signed in 2015-2016. InformNapalm has cultivated the collected data and published the results on its website. 

This hack staged by FalconsFlame, Trinity and Рух8 groups is noted as the second successful operation on hacking Russia's defence databases. 

In 2017, Russia's total expenditures on defence and security would constitute up to USD 79,4 billion, including USD 43,9 billion on military and USD 35,5 billion on secret services and police forces, according to information previously provided by RBK news agency. 

InformNapalm published a list of top 100 Russian defence enterprises with the biggest amounts of public contracts and a list of specified orders for different defence ventures, including highly classified developments. 

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According to the leak, for 2015-2020, Russian government assigned USD 34,7 billion worth contracts for its defence industry enterprises. 

Proceeding from the list of top contracts, Russia's strategy on modernization and restructuring its armed forces include: 

- an essential amplification of air forces, particularly the cargo air service and frontline aviation;
- special accent on radio-electronic warfare and intelligence in the air, sea and space;
- further development of the offensive missile complexes and anti-air missile systems, including waterborne;
- amplifying the means of rapid redeployment for nuclear weapons and delivery means;

Also, among the contracts, there is an order for works on the adaptation of Russian combat vehicles for Arctic environment. Russian authorities have been interested in the North for a long time, considering it as a huge source of hydrocarbons and a crucial base for maintaining its interest, InformNapalm stresses. 

Besides, the leak reveals considerable pause in modernisation and repairing tanks in Russia.  The Uralvaronzavod heavy industry company, which is known as one of the principal producers of armour vehicles in Russia, is not mentioned in the lists of signed contracts, so InformNapalm predicts no mass production of tanks in the next 1-2 years. 

The biggest contract revealed by the leak provides producing 39 Il-76 heavy cargo air carriers by 2020. For this purpose, the Russian defence ministry is reported to have spent approximately USD 948 million. Also, some quantity of the Su-34 and Su-30CM strike fighters are planned to be modified with L-175B radioelectronic camouflage devices. Up to USD 119,8 million are meant for support service of the frontline aviation. 

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USD 26 million is provided to cover the development of a new advanced waterborne anti-air missile complex Redut. Also, millions of dollars are budgeted for the production of air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, as well as for introducing new hydroacoustic systems for submarines, radioelectronic surveillance means for spy satellites, advanced remote-controlled turrets for Tigr-M armour vehicles, jamming devices, railway carriers for nukes and advances superaccurate lenses for X-29 missiles and many more. 

These planned modernization of Russia's military forces seems to go as far back as 2011, with up to USD 356 billion of budget funds to be spent by 2020, the group notes. 

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