: Google Maps replaces Soviet place names in Ukraine
Politics15:32 Mar. 1, 2016

Google Maps replaces Soviet place names in Ukraine

The popular search engines made the changes after Ukraine's 2015 de-communization law

Google maps has replaced Soviet place names in Ukraine with new ones approved by the parliament. The changes were made almost nine months after President Poroshenko signed a law on de-communization.

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Over 175 towns, villages and districts have been renamed on the popular search engine.

This map shows some of the most important changes. You can see near Ukraine's southern city of Odesa, the port hub of Illichivsk has changed on Google to Chornomorsk.

Also, in Donetsk region, not far from the front line, Dzerzhinsk has changed to Toretsk. Nearby, the Soviet town name of Artemivsk still remains - although if you search for the new name Bakhmut - it still comes up.

The renaming process is the latest step in Ukraine's efforts to break with its Soviet totalitarian past.

Photo (logo) courtesy - google.com

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