Beware: Half of Russians think war against NATO is coming

18:39 Nov. 8, 2016

Half of Russians think war against NATO is coming

Russian soldiers dressed in Red Army World War II uniforms

80% of Russians also think that humankind will never see the dawn of the day after this war 

52% of the Russians think that the threat of a full-scale war against NATO is real right now, the Interfax agency reports. 

According to the latest opinion polls, 40% rule this possibility out. Almost 43% also claimed that the possibility of war is higher that in the times of the Cold War in the 1970s. 

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Also, 60% of responders claimed that today the probability of Russia-NATO war is much higher than several years ago. Among the main reasons that led to the current tension were the West negative reaction upon Russia's increaed role in the world affairs, as well as continuing conflict in Ukraine, Syria and overall escalation in the Middle East.  

Only 26% of the Russians think that war danger hasn't increased in the recent years. 

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About two-thirds of responders claimed Russia is conducting policy aiming to decrease the probability of clash with the NATO. 32% of them are persuaded that Russia's international activities are peaceful and aspiring towards diplomatic solutions, while 10% think that president Vladimir Putin's authority and activity decrease the threat of war. Besides, 59% of them are sure that Russian media give an adequate and unbiased view of the military threat. 

Only 17% of the Russians fear that their authorities can lead the country to war against NATO.

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Nevertheless, 78% think Russia should not use nuclear weapons first in the case of war against the NATO countries. Moreover, 80% think suck a conflict would cause a global disaster and the end of humankind. 15% of responders, however, think human beings can survive the nuclear war. 

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