Rallies in the streets: Thousands protest in central Kyiv (live updates)

13:12 Nov. 15, 2016

Thousands protest in central Kyiv (live updates)

The police patrols the central Kyiv (UNIAN photo)

Deceived depositors and pensioners are picketing the governmental buildings, some say the rallies were masterminded by Moscow and paid for

Crowds of people are marching through the central Kyiv as they protest against the Ukrainian government on Tuesday, November 15.

Ukraine Today is covering the situation in this live newsfeed wire. 

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16.45 The rallies in Kyiv have ended

The crowds of protesters in the central Kyiv have diffused, media report. No crimes or provocations were recorded and the civil order wasn't violated, according to the police claims. 

15.15 The crowds in central Kyiv start drifting apart

The protesters in the government quarter seem to start dissolving, the police reports. Today's rallies may soon end at last. 

15.10 Tightened security regime to last until November 22

Tightened security regime in the central Kyiv will be prolonged to November 22, the metropolitan police chief Andriy Kishenko told the press. 

15.05 The Ukrainian currency is getting weaker amid political turmoil

This week hryvnia rate is decreasing amid the political tension in the country, despite existing preconditions for its increase, the National Bank of Ukraine deputy governor Oleh Churiy said. 

14.55 The police confiscates traumatic weapons of several protesters 

Some of the protesters in the central Kyiv were searched and deprived of several units of non-lethal traumatic weapon, according to media reports. 

14.45 The Opposition Block says it is initiating the countrywide strikes in Ukraine. 

The Opposition block, a pro-Russian parliamentary fraction, is initiation the peaceful strikes and rallies throughout the country, the movement's deputy chairman Olexander Vilkul announced at the Verkhovna Rada. 

By Tuesday noon, two separate meetings are being held in the city streets, according to media reports. Several hundred of people, mostly older people, are reported to be picketing the government quarter of Hrushevskogo street. Another crowd near Verkhovna Rada parliamentary building protesters bearing flags with marks of Ukrainian banks that had previously liquidated . They are reported to be the depositors that have been deceived,  who are demanding their money back and want The National Bank of Ukraine governor Valeria Hontareva to resign.  

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The National Bank of Ukraine is being picketed too.  Approximately 300-400 people are reported to be standing in the Institutska street and trying to get themselves warm. The organisers of the rallies distribute flags to the protesters, the Ukrainska Pravda outlet informs. The entrance to the building is being guaded by huge forces of police and the National Guards. 

The central Kyiv is being patrolled and guarded by over 5000 law enforcers, no incidents or provocations were documented so far. 

On Tuesday, November 15th, the Hreshatyk, a principal street of the Ukrainian capital has been closed off to traffic by the police from 6 a.m. local time, which caused huge traffic jams in the central Kyiv during the rush hour. 

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The whole government quarter has tight security. Metal detectors and fences are erected in the Institutska street, known as one of the places of the huge bloodbath and mass killings in the days of the Euromaidan protests, although free walk access to the government buildings is not restricted. 

In order to prevent probable provocations or even terrorist attacks, the K-9 police and bomb technicians are deployed in the Mariinsky park near the Verkhovna Rada. 

Also, the SBU security service earlier claimed that November 15 protests were orchestrated and masterminded by Moscow, as it tried to destabilise Ukraine. On November 17, new rallies are expected in Kyiv, this time against the tariff escalations. According to an SBU spokesperson, these rallies are meant to initiate blocking the governmental structures and further destabilisation of the situation in Ukraine. 

Also, the present protests in Kyiv may be the part of the Piston-rod plan, revealed after alleged hack of the Russian president's aide Vladislav Surkov's e-mail archive, the SBU officials claim. 

According to the latest reports, the total number of people engaged in the protest reaches 6000. 

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