Visa liberalization: I'm sure Ukraine will get visa-free regime this autumn – Poroshenko

15:54 Sep. 3, 2016

I'm sure Ukraine will get visa-free regime this autumn – Poroshenko

Flags of Ukraine and E.U. in Kyiv (UNIAN photo)

EU expected to make the final decision in October

Ukrainian President Poroshenko made an optimistic prediction regarding the visa-free travel the county has been waiting for more than a year.

Kyiv has been saying it has fulfilled all the obligations and has met all the criteria, needed for the positive decision.

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The EU, however, has been reluctant to grant the Ukrainians the opportunity to freely travel across Europe. The approval, which was first supposed to take place during the summer, was later postponed for the autumn.

Although the European Commission recommended to lift the visa requirements for Ukraine back in April 2016, the European Parliament is yet to go through with the procedure.

On September 5, the Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties will go into session to vote on ‘the draft report on the visa liberalization for Ukraine'. The final decision is expected to be taken in October.

It gives Kyiv hope that it will get the much-desired regime after pushing for it for many months.

‘I'm sure we will win, I'm sure we will change the country, I'm sure we will get the visa-free regime this autumn', Poroshenko exclaimed.

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Among the reasons Europe has been procrastinating with the decisions are the migrant crisis and political turmoil the EU has found itself in after Brexit.

Earlier European leaders proposed to come up with a mechanism of fast suspension of the visa-free travel for countries, whose citizens abused or outright violated the regime.  

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