: 'I tell Russians not to be afraid'- Savchenko speaks at Presidential administration

17:05 May. 25, 2016

'I tell Russians not to be afraid'- Savchenko speaks at Presidential administration

Ukrainian military pilot Nadiya Savchenko is surrounded by media upon her arrival at Kyiv Boryspil Airport on May 25, 2016 in Boryspil, Ukraine (Getty Images)

Savchenko says she is ready to die for Ukraine at any moment

Nadiya Savchenko made a speech at the Presidential administration on May 25, after she came back to Ukraine from Russia. 

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko said that 'Nadiya became a symbol, a symbol of pride and invincibility'.

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Nadiya Savchenko: "I thank my mother for waiting for me, my sister for fighting for me, the people of Ukraine and the whole world. I thank all the guys that stayed alive and those that died for our Ukraine, I'm sorry that I am still alive but I am ready to die for Ukraine at any moment. I'm not going to talk badly about people, I don't want to share my hate, my anger, I hope that eventually I will only have wisdom, actually wisdom will come from those feelings. I don't want people to want war, I want people to want peace, unfortunately peace has to come out of war. I want to say 'hi' to Russians and tell them there's nothing to be afraid of, you have to get up from your knees, I understand it's not the easiest country to do that in".

At the end of the press-conference, Savchenko received the Order of Hero from Ukraine's President.  




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