: 'The cooperation between Ukraine and Spain is really reinforced'
Opinion12:56 Mar. 17, 2016

'The cooperation between Ukraine and Spain is really reinforced'

Discussing current development of Spanish-Ukraine relations with Ignacio Ybanez Rubio, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Spain

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Spain Ignacio Ybanez Rubio is visiting Ukraine this week to discuss the possible ways of Ukraine-Spain relations development in political, social and business spheres.

He joins us to discuss his country's attitude towards the implementation of reforms in Ukraine, visa liberalization and the effect of sanctions on Spanish economy.

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Ignacio Ybanez Rubio says that his country supports Ukraine on its way to become closer to The European Union and fully understands the problems emerging during country's transition to democracy. He also notes that Spain has a positive attitude towards Ukraine's efforts to implement the reforms and stands for the E.U.-Ukraine visa liberalization, hoping that it will further strengthen two countries' relations.

"It is good that this mood [of making the process of reforms implementation faster] is among people.  The idea of urgency to make the reforms is a positive element for the country."

 "Spanish people and the Spanish government are very positive about visa liberalization. We've always thought, and our own experience of Spanish transition to democracy [shows], that the more you allow people to contact, the better it is [for the process of democratization]"     

Despite the effect E.U.-Russia trade sanctions have on Spanish economy, the country does not plan to advocate for their cancelation as the goal of the peace settlement of Ukraine conflict is more valuable for both Spain and the E.U.

"For us the most important element of sanctions is not the effect, which it has on the economy, but the effect on the objective we are looking for. The objective is that Russia should change [their relation towards Ukraine]"

"We know that the sanctions are painful for two economies. But we think that more important objective is the change of behavior of Russia".

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