News from EU: Informal EU summit underway in Slovakia
Politics17:48 Sep. 16, 2016

Informal EU summit underway in Slovakia

The Security issue will be in the limelight of the meeting

Being frank about the future of the EU. Bratislava hosts an informal summit of the EU leaders to discuss how to carry on after recent events. Leaders of the European countries are meeting for the first time after the Brexit vote. Time of uncertainty and thinking has passed. Europe needs a new and mostly a realistic plan.

The EU residents are outraged by a wave of migration from poorer countries. They don't feel secure because of terror attacks in Europe, which happens to be frequent and on a large-scale.

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On the eve of the Bratislava summit, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel as leaders of the most powerful countries in the EU, had a face-to-face meeting. Security on the continent will be a number one task for them. And the role of Ukraine, which restrains war on its eastern borders, is obviously a major issue for the EU leaders. Even though Ukrainian officials are not invited to the event, the Ukrainian topic will be high on their agenda.

"It is not another crisis for Europe. This is a challenge, which undermines the very core of EU existence. That's why, we should give Europeans a clear vision of what future can be in store"Francois Hollande, French President, said.

Meanwhile, the summit has become a challenge for Slovakia for the reason it has never held a political meeting of this style or calibre ever, however, closed roads and bridges, helicopters over the city, a lot of governmental planes in the airport is a temporary inconvenience comparing to what Europe is experiencing now.

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