: ‘Ukraine is really in the avant-garde of information challenges' - expert
Opinion15:20 Apr. 7, 2016

‘Ukraine is really in the avant-garde of information challenges' - expert

Informational warfare expert discusses challenges that media outlets and states facing in the modern heteropolar world

On the sidelines of Odesa Security Forum, Senior Fellow at the Legatum Institute in London Peter Pomerantsev joins Ukraine Today to talk on information security.

‘The government has a very little to do with information in the country. The government needs to articulate its positions, to communicate with its own people, to communicate with the outside world through public democracy, strategic communication. Ukrainian government is learning very slowly about how to do that. It is a very difficult challenge in the information age. But it has nothing to do with the quality of the media in the country, which is down to a system of media ownership, which in Ukraine is famously in the beholdance of the oligarchic interests. I don't see what the government of Ukraine could do about that. What they could do is to try to nurture a strong public broadcaster, which would create a fair-balanced media.'

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‘We live in the fractured media environment, when people live in little ‘media bubbles'. When even if you had a perfect government…it might not matter, because people just live in their little information bubbles…We have a difficult challenge not only in Ukraine, but across the world of what you do when population of your country doesn't follow one media anymore. They follow sort of fractured many realities. A lot of people say that it is an end of the states as we know them.'

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‘There is much information out there that people are confused of. They can't tell right from wrong, misinformation from right information, and Russians add to that mix. This is frightening. Democracy is based on the idea that we can have a debate about the fact. But if nobody knows what truth is, we can't have a debate.'

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