: 'It's time to talk openly about Russia's aggression' - Polish Defence Minister

14:58 Apr. 19, 2016

'It's time to talk openly about Russia's aggression' - Polish Defence Minister

Poland’s Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz starts a 100-days countdown until the NATO summit that Warsaw will host in July, outside the Defense Ministry building in Warsaw, Poland, on March 30, 2016 (AP Photo)

Antoni Macierewicz says NATO should react to the Kremlin's dangerous activity

"Judging by the Kremlin's activity we can say they are systematically preparing for aggressive actions." Polish Minister of Defence Antoni Macierewicz commented on the recent provocations by the Russian fighter jets.

Macierewicz claims Moscow wants to show everybody "they own the Baltic sea"

"Russia's goal is to show that the (Baltic) sea is closed to NATO. And I expected such provocations from them. I told it to the head of NATO during our last meeting", said Macierewicz.

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The Polish Defence Minister believes Russia's actions could have been predicted. The Western states should react to the recent aggressive maneuvers from Moscow.

"It's time to talk openly about it if we want to avoid the trap that we got caught in before. The West used to tell us there would be no war in Europe in the next 20 years. They were under illusions that Russia would become a NATO member", said Maciarewicz.

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Earlier the Polish Minister of Defence called Russia the biggest challenge Europe faces.

"Their intervention in Ukraine and threats towards the Baltic states are dangerous to us", said Macierewicz during his meeting with the German officials.


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