: Kremlin sends new intelligence brigade to Donbas - Ukraine's Defence Ministry

14:09 May. 6, 2016

Kremlin sends new intelligence brigade to Donbas - Ukraine's Defence Ministry

Russian-backed separatist forces repair seized Ukrainian military vehicles and artillery, Donestk, Ukraine. Feb.25, 2015. (GettyImages)

Russia is strengthening its positions close to the demarcation line

Russia sent a new brigade of military intelligence (GRU) officers to Donetsk, according to the Chief Intelligence of Ukraine's Defence Ministry.

It is worth noting that Russian officers Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov who were recently convicted in Ukraine of conducting war against the country served in the same war unit.

According to the Defence Intelligence report, Russian militants strengthen their positions near Donetsk, Slovyansk, and Novoaidar district in Luhansk region. Their current headquarters is likely in Debaltseve, Donetsk region, where Russian battalion is now supposedly located.

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Two Russian GRU servicemen Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov were detained in May 2015 close to the town of Shchastya in Luhansk region by the soldiers of Aidar battalion. The Ukrainian court found both men guilty in waging aggressive war against Ukrainian state, creating and participating in a terrorist group, and killing a Ukrainian soldier. Yerofeyev and Alexandrov were sentenced to 14 years behind bars and assets seizure.

Kremlin insists the men were not serving in Russia's Armed Forces at the moment of their arrest, demanding at the same time the Russians must be released. Despite numerous proofs of Russia's traces in the armed conflict in Donbas, Kremlin keeps claiming that it has nothing to do with the war in eastern Ukraine.

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