Ukraine and Poland: Kyiv held a public debate on Ukraine-Poland relations perspective

15:28 Nov. 14, 2016

Kyiv held a public debate on Ukraine-Poland relations perspective

Public debate "Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Poland" (by UT)

Meeting called "Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Poland" was organized by the Institute of World Policy

On November 11 the Institute of World Policy held a public discussion and presented a discussion paper on the Ukrainian-Poland relations within the project "Ukraine's Foreign Policy Audit". In particular, it covers the controversies of common history, including the subject of the Volhynian tragedy.

The research paper was written by Kateryna Zarembo, Deputy Director of Institute of World Policy. Diplomats, policy and decision makers, experts have been invited to take part in the discussion.

The main speakers of the table were Jan Pieklo, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Ukraine, Lukasz Adamski, Deputy Director of the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, Yaroslav Romanchuk, President of the Association of Ukrainian business in Poland, Oksana Yurynets, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Co-chairman of the inter-parliamentary friendship group with Poland, Oleg Musiy, MP, member of the inter-parliamentary friendship group with Poland.

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She pointed out that history is an important policy in both Ukraine and Poland, but it is perceived as directed against each other. But this is not true, Zarembo states because the key objective of the decision of the Polish Senate and Sejm on Volhynia as genocide is the appeal to domestic audiences, not the Ukrainian or anyone else.


Polish ambassador focused on positive sides to the cooperation, like ‘Eastern cooperation', millions of Ukrainians working and studying in Poland, and even the idea of a federation of Eastern European free states. On the reconciliation of common history, Jan Pieklo stated: "It's not a fast and easy process, it can't be done overnight, but we have no other choice."

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