: Kyiv puts a stop to Kremlin's energy weapon – Pyatt

15:32 Jul. 27, 2016

Kyiv puts a stop to Kremlin's energy weapon – Pyatt

Geoffrey Pyatt, US Ambassador to Ukraine (UNIAN Photo)

US Ambassador says changes in Ukraine are inevitable

Geoffrey Pyatt, US Ambassador to Ukraine, delivered a number of messages about Ukraine's current situation, its future and America's assistance to Ukraine during the discussion club, organized by Open Ukraine foundation on July 26.

According to UNIAN news agency, Geoffrey Pyatt said that Ukraine overcame dependence on Russian gas eliminating Moscow's energy weapon.

"Ukrainians are not in the situation anymore, when Kremlin uses its energy resources as a weapon, as an instrument for manipulating Ukrainian politicians, so that they make necessary decisions", the diplomat stated.

The American Ambassador emphasized Ukraine has a "good civil society, one of the most powerful in the world", which is a driving force of reforms.

"A process of changes in Ukraine will be decided by you, the younger generation. The youth, who actively work, express their vision of the country's future. I can see this not only in the capital but also in other cities of the country", Pyatt claimed.

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He also said the Ukraine's Navy, which he observed in Odesa, have become a symbol of better changes in Ukraine.

"What I saw in Odesa is a good metaphor for those changes taking place in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Navy after the annexation of Crimea were in a terrible condition. Today we are conducting complex military drills with 13 other countries and are proud of Ukrainian sailors and marines, who are participating in these exercises and training", the Ambassador declared.

The American diplomat noted Ukraine's progress in reforming public procurement system and national patrol police. However, a lot has still to be done to ensure the rule of law, in particular, changing the judicial and prosecutorial systems.

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Geoffrey Pyatt is sure that Ukraine's accession to the EU is a realistic plan if the Ukrainian future is in the spotlight.

"I agree with the President Petro Poroshenko as well as the Prime-Minister Volodymyr Groisman that the aim of Ukraine should become membership in the EU", Pyatt said.

The US Ambassador claimed the American sanctions against Russia will remain in force until it stops its aggression against Ukraine. In that regard, the US government will continue providing its assistance to Kyiv. According to him, another batch of equipment is to be delivered to Ukraine this week, mentioning a big delivery of UAVs and more night vision devices expected to follow in the coming days.

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