: Living on the frontline in eastern Ukraine
Politics21:31 Mar. 31, 2016

Living on the frontline in eastern Ukraine

Residents of Syze village say they feel abandoned and alone

The road to Ukraine's eastern village of Syze is abandoned and deserted.

One side of the village has the threat of land mines. And the end of the main road at the edge is only several kilometers away from an area occupied by Russian-backed separatist forces.

Valentina, Syze resident:  "We're stuck between Ukraine and [separatist-controlled] Luhansk. And we suffer the most: we're hit both by missiles from both sides. That house over there was hit directly by a missile."

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The population has decreased to around 10 residents. With no transportation to and from the village. Those that have stayed - feel abandoned.

Valentina, Syze resident: "Every day we keep asking: What's on the news? Have there been any decisions? Have the presidents solved anything? Heavens, when will they finally resolve all of this? We can't wait any longer. Do something. We've had enough already. We want peace and a normal human life."

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There are dozens of villages near the frontline where residents are living in similar conditions. Many are hoping a lasting ceasefire will soon be reached between the two sides.


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