MH17 catastrophe: ‘MH17 victims deserve justice' – Mogherini
Politics15:37 Sep. 29, 2016

‘MH17 victims deserve justice' – Mogherini

EU foreign affairs chief says important progress made after MH17 report was presented

The interim result on the MH17 crash, presented by the Joint Investigation Team demonstrate that important progress has been made.

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This is according to EU Foreign Policy chief Federica Mogherini.

‘The European Union reiterates its full support for the work of the JIT and welcomes the progress made by the countries involved on an effective prosecution mechanism. The victims of MH17, their friends and families deserve independent, fair and transparent justice to be served', she said.

The statement didn't provide any comments on Russia's involvement in the crash.

It, in turn, said that the international community needs to provide its support for the investigation.

‘All States that are in a position to assist the prosecution of those responsible must do so, as demanded by UN Security Council Resolution 2166', Mogherini said. 

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Earlier investigators revealed their conclusions on the weapon behind the MH17 shootdown.

They said the plane was downed by a BUK anti-air system, that was brought in from Russia The launch site was an area in the conflict region, controlled by the Russian-backed separatist forces. 

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